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On this site we'll show you it's possible integrated our websites with Google Friend Connect (from March 1, 2012 only blogger websites), and the Opensocial API and datastore ..and we use these tools in our Integracion Google project to maintain better communication and interaction between all of us ... of course, we will continue to launch our codes this year 2013 (we have important news!) ... so please continue reviewing our post and updates, type your comments in our comment box ..submit their codes to analyze, enhance and publish them !

and please try to donate for us! ..always necessary participates will be the key to enjoy and grow this project.

our community !


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Testing persistent data with GFC & Opensocial API..

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IGCodelab Group summary

This is our Integracion Google project :
  • using API of Google with the ExtJS framework (versions Ext-3.x and ExtJS4).
  • working with the Back-End PHP + MySQL
  • working with the Back-End Java(JSP) + MySQL on Netbeans IDE
  • working with PHP within our Java-Web projects using Quercus library from
  • installing the sdsimple project in our local tomcat server.
  • working GAE-Python projects.
  • working GAE-Java projects on Netbeans IDE
  • working with PHP on GAE-Java projects on Netbeans IDE.
for the VFP community:
  • WebMatrix: the opensource plataform for Web Development of Microsoft.
  • working with PHP on WebMatrix.
  • working with activeVFP 5.6 on WebMatrix.
Next Steps :
  • working with Google Cloud SQL on GAE-JavaWeb projects.
  • working with NodeJs..
  • Development for mobiles.
  • Of course, Enjoy them ! !


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